Interview with Tatiana Nedialkova

Tatiana Nedialkova is a visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator and creative retail designer, currently based in Brighton, UK. She studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London and has been selling her wonderful pictures on ARTFLAKES for some time now – please take a look at her shop as well as her portfolio to see more of her beautiful work.

We were fascinated by her colorful and fun image based works instantly and asked her, whether she would mind answering some questions for our blog. Read her answers after the jump!

Why and when did you start making art?
I started making pictures and drawing around about when I was thirteen or fourteen but the feeling that I was making art or artworks came much later and especially when I started to experiment with video, sound and space.

You do visual art, illustrations, graphic design and retail design. If you had to choose a favourite, what would it be?
Definitely installations. I think this is where my heart is and it is where I feel most comfortable to let my imagination go. It is an area, which I like questioning, experimenting in, and really discovering new meanings, contexts, materials, colours and stories. My work often is drawn towards narratives and story telling, and the opportunity to explore stories within space and objects can be really imaginative and mysterious process. I also feel very inspired by illustration and graphic art, but I definitely feel that there is a lot to learn. It is a place where I still feel at unknown grounds.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you come up with the ideas/concepts for your works?
Sometimes from books, sometimes from films, but more often ideas come out of seemingly no-where, while I travel on a bus, or train and have the time and space to let my thoughts go places which are not real.

How does your usual workday look like?
Everyday is different. I work from my studio, so there are days in which I have to do a lot of administrative stuff, and other days are wonderful and really productive for my art work. I drink coffee, I listen to music. Sometimes I like to put a favourite song on repeat. For some strange reason I find that when I listen to the same song over and over again my work flows. Perhaps it is because I can stay with one mood for a longer time.

When you are not working, how do you spent your spare time?
Seeing friends, riding bike, dinners and laughter. Spending time with wonderful people is the best.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee for sure. I live in England now, so there is tea everywhere, but I think I manage to successfully avoid it.

What hangs on the walls of Tatiana Nedialkova?
Not very much of my own things, even probably none. Mostly cards, some framed, glued plastic animals, panthers and tigers, pictures from my friends. I like white walls. White walls give space to the imagination to fill them.

Who is your favourite artist? Do you have a favourite artwork?
I love the works by Sarah Sze – an American installation artist. I can spent days looking at photographs of her works and always feel really inspired. Recently I have received as presents illustration books by Shaun Tan, and I think his illustrations are just magical, as well as I really like the collective Friends with You.

Whom you think should we interview next and why?
Really I so don’t know. Artflakes has an amazing selection of artists.

What is your philosophy of life?
Love life, believe in yourself, go on adventures, explore, learn, meet the world with desire and passion.

Thanks, Tatiana!