Interview with Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic "Toxic Longing"
Tiffany Bozic “Toxic Longing”

This week we invited Tiffany Bozic, an artist living in San Francisco, to join us for a virtual coffee and a couple of questions. Having grown up on a farm in Arkansas, Tiffany got to know all kinds of nature at an early age.

And that is clearly visible in her artwork: Her paintings are crowded with animals, plants and natural scenes. By mixing her studies of nature with her dreams and thoughts, large-sized paintings result, that often appear kind of surreal.

Furthermore, the artists is inspired by the illustrations of John James Audubons and Erich Haeckels, a German zoologist of the end of the 19th century.

And what else did she tell us?

Why and when did you start making art?
Like a lot of children, I began drawing and painting at a very young
age. My brother and sister were older than me and we used to play
around and make doodles of each other and our pets growing up. I am
the only one out of the 3 of us that kept creating on a daily basis
and chose to pursue this as a full time career.

What kind of art do you make?
Until I come up with a better description for what I do, I usually
just tell people that I make surreal nature paintings.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My life, travels and the people I love.

What does your usual workday look like?
It varies. Most days I wake up at 6am, coffee, exercise, check emails,
then research a bit before painting for the duration of the daylight

How do you spend a perfect sunday?
I spend perfect days with my husband going for long hikes in the
forests, and sharing meals with our friends and family.

What is your favourite taste of chocolate?
Dark Chocolate with sea salt……. Mmmmmmh.

Show me your favorite artwork (from your own collection or another artist)
I think the paintings that my dear friend Isabella Kirkland has made
so far are incredibly beautiful and important.

Whom should we interview next?
I find the most interesting interviews to read are those where the
interviewer is genuinely interested and captivated in the person they
are interviewing. Like a lot of other readers, I respond to emotion
and honesty, and always seek something new. There are so many amazing
talented artists that I have never heard of yet who haven’t
necessarily found a way to share their work, and would love the
opportunity to speak up about their work.

If you could have coffee with a famous artist – dead or alive –
whom would you choose?

Ernst Haeckel.

What is your philosophy of life?
I try to take everyday as an opportunity to grow to be a positive
influence on my community, to work hard, love with open hands, and
share the mysteries that inspire me.

Thank you, Tiffany!