Net sculptures by Janet Echelman

During a trip to India American artist Janet Echelman learned net weaving from a local fisher man. So inspired by this traditional craft she started to create these stunning net sculptures. Have a look!

Almost alien-like are Janet Echelman’s sculptures floating and moving through the air. It’s like they are taking on a life of their own. Her monumental sculptures are made entirely of soft materials, which lets them interact with wind and light. The large three-dimensional sculptures are part hand-woven, part machine-woven and very delicate. Standing in contrast to their rather sharp surroundings, they are reshaping the urban space.

Revealing during the day their impressive structure, it’s at night, when the lighting hits the colorful nets, that Echelman’s works mesmerize the viewer the most. The sculptures illuminate and show their beautiful colors floating through the night air.

(via honestlywtf)