Artwork pick of the week: How does my hair look darling?

Happy Monday to you! Today we have something quite sweet in store for you: A muffin in love with an ice cone. “How does my hair look darling?“, the print made by Tatak Waskitho is called.

Of course, muffins and ice cones are concerned about their appearance as well – especially if they’re in love, I guess. Imaging them being together as a couple, mixing into a fluffy ice-muffin-thingy. Yummy! The print is available as art print, poster, GalleryPrint and canvas print on ARTFLAKES.

Interview with Jack Batchelor

We have featured a whole bunch of illustrators over the past weeks in this little blog, so I guess it is time to have a photographer again! We have chosen Jack Batchelor, student of photography in London, who has just started selling on ARTFLAKES.

Read on, what he had to tell us about himself.

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We have read…

That’s a lot of money: Hans-Peter Feldmann, a German artist, has pinned $100.000 – he just took $1 notes – to the walls of the Guggenheim Museum New York. This is the money he received when he was given the Hugo Boss prize. When he told the museum that he would like to use this money as the artwork itself, they were surprised at first. But then Feldmann has become famous for his collecting and re-presenting, we read over at Sweet Station.

Another weird but fascinating exhibition was mentioned by theartblog: Carl Marin is presenting her sculptures made out of toys and taxidermy at the FLUXspace in Philadelphia, USA. People in love cuddly animals should maybe forego the the show, though.

“Fly me to the moon…” – when sitting on this cosy “Balloon bench” you might feel like floating off into the sky the next minute. We stumbled upon this wonderful creation at Sweet Station as well.

Interview with Anthony Zinonos

Anthony is “addicted to collecting paper and loves coffee and rollershoes”, it is said in the portfolio of Anthony Zinonos – whom we have invited today.

Within his collages made out of – of course! – paper and old photographs or newspaper cuttings you will most definitely find an ironic sense.

Where does he draw his inspiration from? And does he like chocolate?

Read on!

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Artwork pick of the week: Morning in the country

We’re giving you a bit of the summery hippie feeling with our artwork pick of the week today: Morning in the country the picture taken by Vladimir Zotov is called.

Imagine this woman having slept only with a blanket underneath a heaven full of glittery stars, now refreshing herself in the morning sun. Nice, isn’t it?

You can buy it as art print, poster, GalleryPrint or Canvas print.

Artwork pick of the week: Summer

Can you feel it? Summer is coming to town, definitely! Nights are spend with BBQs, wine and the lovely smell of flowers. We have chosen a photography by Maria Vinogradova this week, which embodies this feeling of summer!

And yes, of course it is called “Summer” as well. A woman standing on a bridge in St. Petersburg, enjoying the last warm rays of the sunset, looking as if she were lost in her own thoughts. Buy it on ARTFLAKES as art print, poster, GalleryPrint or Canvas Print!

Interview with Heiko Müller

Today our guest is Heiko Müller, artist and illustrator from Hamburg, Germany. Within his drawings and paintings there often is a fairy tale like and dreamy atmosphere – what – which is not surprising, if you’re a living right next to a big forest.

In our interview he told us that he finds his inspiration – among other things – by staring at a cleaning rag and which difficult paths led him to becoming an artist.

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Interview with Aino-Maija Metsola

Her illustrations, prints and patterns look like the perfect dream of folclore: Aino-Maija Metsola is a freelance illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. And we’re glad to have her here today, answering some questions about her inspiration and work.

Among her clients is the finnish label Marimekko, who is well known for its multi-colour patterns on linen, porcelain or cloth. We like!

See what else she had to tell us:

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