Sculptural Crayons made by Diem Chau

I guess, in kindergarten or primary school we all spent hours and hours painting papers with wax crayons. Well – at least I did. But then look at those crayons made by Diem Chau: Aren’t too precious to use them for silly drawings? Can you even draw with them?!

Diem Chau was born in Vietnam, but came to America with her parents in the late 1980s. Since then she has put all her creativity in creating art. And those crayons are certainly part of it!

(via Beautiful Decay)

ARTFLAKES has launched cooperation with DDR-Bildarchiv

“Berlins new centre”

It is already more than 25 years that the Berlin wall between the East and West Germany fell, celebrated by thousands of people – but still pictures from that time and the 40 years of “real-life socialism” are fascinating to look at. Thanks to a cooperation with the DDR-Bildarchiv (GDR picture archive), several stunning photographies are now available on ARTFLAKES  as art print, canvas print, GalleryPrint or poster.

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris – plan your shoot

There are several important things to have a look at if you want to take pictures of nature or landscapes: At what time does the sun not disturb my doings? When is sunset or sunrise? Thanks to the Photographer’s Ephemeris you don’t need to worry about these conditions of nature any further. Because it’s a tool for your computer, where you can plan exactly those conditions.

The program works with Adobe air and offers to show the calculated light conditions at the place you want to take your picture – and all calculations can be saved as well. The program is available for your usual pc or iPhone and iPad.

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Find: Mills & Boon

Who doesn’t know this: tragic love scenes in front of kitschy sunsets, roaring waterfalls and palms blowing in the wind. Well, you might not know these scenes from your own life, but because they’re on the covers of those uber-kitschy novels.

The artist duo Oli + Alex has a liking for integrating this kitsch into their daily routine. Which is why Alex took his wife and reconstructed those cover to take pictures of it. I think they’re quite good at it!

Find: Anna-Wili Highsmith

She has been confronted with creativity right from he cradle:  Anna-Wili Highsmith is the daughter of a puppeteer. She herself works as an artist and creates these wonderful filigree and fragile looking animal sculptures – from paper!

All those owls, birds and horse heads are made out of strips of thick paper. They are painted and sewn together until they have the desired form. Wonderful! Highsmith has created sculptures for the French fashion label Hèrmes as well as for a whole bunch of galleries already.

Artwork pick of the week: Bird No.2

Yeehaa, after a seemingly endless winter, spring has come in Germany after all. Flowers are crawling out of the earth and birds are tweeting enthusiastically.

Thus it had to be a bird picture as artwork pick of the week. We have chosen the collage with the simple title “Bird No.2” by Kareem Rizk. As the title may suggest Kareem has more of these fluffy friends in store.

You can buy the sweet bird in our usual quality as  a framed art print, Canvas print or as a GalleryPrint. Tweet tweet!

Colour your life with Lang/Baumann

Screenshot Homepage Lang/Baumann

Have a guess: Are there places in the city you live, that are really beautiful in the common sense? Parts, where not everything is held in this modern – and ugly – grey?

Sabina Lang und Daniel Baumann, working together as L/B, seem to have had similar thoughts. Which is why they now aim to bring colourful spots into urbanity, on bridges, skyscrapers and smoggy crossroads.

I guess, the weather could be really nasty – when you have to cross this bridge painted in bright colours, you simply CANNOT be in a bad mood, isn’t it?

The streetart project

As “the world’s largest art collection” the streetart project, that was created in co-operation with Google Streetview, is described on its website. Does work similar, too, but the focus is – as the name may tell already – on streetart.

You can either search for the city or place you’re looking for directly, or zoom in and out of the virtual map of streetart. There is a filter for artists as well, but not many have been listed yet.

A nice tool for all fans of streetart – even individual city trips can be planned by looking for all those alternative sights…

Search instagram with

You’re not looking for a certain instagram-user, but for crazy and weird snapshots , that were taken with the iPhone-app?

Looking for a way to do that, we stumbled upon Don’t be confused by the dozens of cute cat pictures that pop up on the page when you open it: On the right upper side you can simply put in the keyword you’re looking for (what about “dogs”?), and – voilà – all instagram pictures tagged with the keyword flutter by. Nice!