Interview with Sara Barnes

Welcome Sara Barnes today, the lovely lady behind the wonderful Blog “Brown Paper Bag” and an illustrator and artist herself.

Her work has a touch of fairy tale – sometimes more of these dark and gloomy ones – and involves collage, painting as well as stitching.

Sara, who lives in Baltimore, USA, talked to us about her inspiration and work – and her favourite taste of chocolate.

Read on, please:

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Interview with Mareike Engelke

Today as a guest in our virtual coffee party: Mareike Engelke, illustrator and communication designer from Duisburg, Germany – her drawings are now available in her ARTFLAKES-Shop.

Her drawings are crowded with tough guys and sailors as well as with dressed up shoppinggirls and bearded story tellers. In our little interview she told us where she draws her inspiration from and what kind of chocolate she likes best.

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Artwork pick of the week: Fawn

Well, this fawn is not in the mood to look cute today – and instead sticks out his tongue to the photographer. I guess there are nicer things than being chained up in a zoo and be on display the whole day?

We liked the picture simply titled “Fawn” so much that we have chosen it as artwork pick of the week. It was taken by Eugenia Korobenkova in a park in Thailand. At ARTFLAKES it is available as framed art print, poster, canvas print or GalleryPrint.

We present: Graham Caldwell

Mirror, mirror on the wall… mirrors and mirroring glasses Graham Caldwell has enough, I guess. With these he creates oversized sculptures who seem to be even larger due to their mirroring characteristics – and somehow look like they’re from outer space…

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Top 5 Vintage illustrators

You can find illustrators a dime a dozen – but some can be recognised easier due to their very special own “handwriting”.

This is the case especially with illustrators who have become famous for their childrens books and films. We haven chosen our Top 5 vintage illustrators for you:

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Find: Alan Wolfson

Alan Wolfson collects photographies. Which is not extraordinay, I would say – but the fact that he rebuilds the depicted buildings and streets to the last detail is definitely something special!

“Follies Burlesk” the model shown above – remodelled of a picture as well – is titled. Wolfson is always eager not to forget even the slightest detail: posters peeling of, loose neon letters, creaking stairs and flickering garlands. The result often cannot be distinguished from the – far bigger – original! More of Alan Wolfson and his artwork can be found on his Homepage.