Sell your art online – Part I: ARTFLAKES

You have just joined ARTFLAKES, uploaded some pictures and are waiting what is going to happen? You might want to quicken this process by making people aware that you are selling your pictures online from now on! Read our tipps for selling art online and see what you can do to get the ball rolling!

1. Create a set
Create sets to make browsing through your shop easier: If there are several pictures featuring the Antarctica in your artwork, make a set called “Antarctica” where you put in all matching pictures. It will make your ARTFLAKES-Shop look organised.

2. Tag your images
Tags are more than essential when selling your work online. They should be short, explanatory and evident, as this is how customers find your work. Use tags like “girl”, “travel”, “red” or “nature” if this is what describes your artwork best.

3. Give an image description
If you don’t type in a description of the picture you want to sell, a prefabricated text will fill this hole – which isn’t the nicest way to promote your work. It’s better to write a short text about what is shown in your artwork – it might be title and material or even an anecdote about how this work was created.

4. Shop-Description
On ARTFLAKES you can write about yourself and your art on your “About”-page. Here you can tell customers at what age you started making art, what kind of education you have, which materials you like to work best with, where you take your inspiration from or where you found your motifs. Be creative! Add a picture or avatar of yourself as well to let people know who is behind your ARTFLAKES-Shop.