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Tiffany Bozic "Toxic Longing"

Interview with Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic "Toxic Longing"
Tiffany Bozic “Toxic Longing”

This week we invited Tiffany Bozic, an artist living in San Francisco, to join us for a virtual coffee and a couple of questions. Having grown up on a farm in Arkansas, Tiffany got to know all kinds of nature at an early age.

And that is clearly visible in her artwork: Her paintings are crowded with animals, plants and natural scenes. By mixing her studies of nature with her dreams and thoughts, large-sized paintings result, that often appear kind of surreal.

Furthermore, the artists is inspired by the illustrations of John James Audubons and Erich Haeckels, a German zoologist of the end of the 19th century.

And what else did she tell us?

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Interview with Raphaël of mydeadpony

mydeadponyTatatataaa… today we start with a new series on our ARTFLAKES-Blog: At regular intervals we will go fishing for interesting and wild artists, photographers and illustrators in the depths of the World Wide Web and kindly force them to answer some questions about their work and inspiration.

This week we begin with Raphaël of mydeadpony, artistic autodidact who lives in Brussels and has a fondness for ironic illustrations.

What he revealed about himself?

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David Poppie: paperback art

Last week I wrote about Chris Jordan and his art project “Running the numbers II”, where he used old bottle caps and plastic bags to create large sized reproductions of well known paintings. This week with David Poppie I found an artist claiming a similar motif.

Poppie uses disposable objects like pencils, old paperbacks, teabags or plastic cutlery to create his artworks. These things are usually disregarded by us in our everyday life, he is convinced, thus his object paintings give them another value.

Between art and fashion: Madame Peripeti

©Madame Peripeti

I wasn’t really sure whether we are talking about art or fashion here, when looking at the pictures taken by Madame Peripeti: Her stunning portraits are a mixture of fashion elements and art movements like surrealism and dadaism.

Peripeti – whose name originally is Sylwana Zybura – wants to explore the boundaries between fashion, art and the human being. And I have to say: She has been successful with that so far!