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Artist of the week: Rui Ricardo

Our artist of the week could be described as a wunderkind: Rui Ricardo was only fifteen years old when he published his first artwork. He had developed his drawing skills at quite an early age, it is written in his profile, and improved them by studying graphic design at the University of fine arts in Porto.

That Ricardo not only loves to spend his time with illustrating, but with travelling as well, becomes obvious when opening his webshop on ARTFLAKES: It is full to the brim with vintage looking illustrations of cities, sights and countries that make you want to go there instantly. The picture of a London bookshop, the bold green illustration of Vietnam or the mystical math for Indonesia all contain their own special charme. Buy them in high quality as framed art print, poster, GalleryPrint, canvas print or greeting card in the ARTFLAKES-shop of Rui Ricardo!

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Artist of the week: Jeff Hubbard

From rags to riches – this slogan could be a matching one for the career of Jeff Hubbard, who is our artist of the week on ARTFLAKES. Being homeless in 2007, Hubbard attented workshops at a homeless charity and became interested in art.

Two years later he had not only bought himself a second hand camera, he was already on the road taking photograhps a lot. In 2010 he shot a portrait of Prince William which sold at an auction for a lot of money. Hubbard’s pictures are down-to-earth and more than authentic. In his ARTFLAKES-shop you will find black and white portraits as well as still lifes or photojournalism like in “London Calling“.