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Artwork pick of the week: Wiesenglück

Wiesenglück” – a wonderful and appropriate word for beginning spring. The picture that we have chosen as artwork pick of the week today depicts a perfect day in late summer: butterflies fluttering around, bees humming, clouds floating past and the freshly cut field is smelling softly. It’s quiet.

Whoever happens to have a car breakdown in this surrounding probably doesn’t mind being stuck there for a while, photographer Max Nemo Mertens has written as a description of his artwork, which you can buy as a framed art print among others. It would even be a pity to have to leave this place when the yellow ADAC car is coming down the street in order to destroy the idyllic scene…

Artwork pick of the week: Tiger

Is it Carnival? Yes. And some people might think of this when looking at the picture “Tiger“, taken by Faraci Alexandre. Nope, it’s the highlight of the “fifth season” (as we call it in Germany), but this is not a reason to refrain from dressing up as a lascivious cat sometimes, isn’t it?

The picture would look stunning as a framed print or GalleryPrint above your homey couch, we think – and would bring some life into the four walls of one or the other!

Artwork pick of the week: Porcellana

She looks tender, fragile and like a doll: The girl on our artwork pick of the week, entitled “Porcellana” created by Colin Bourbon.

This picture – which you can, as usual, order as poster, art print or canvas print among others at ARTFLAKES – is not only intriguing due to the large eyes of the model, but due to her full lips and of course her extraordinary and fluffed hairstyle as well. Somehow this pictures reminds us of one of these large-scaled portraits of the old masters: Wherever you are in the room – the eyes will follow you. Scary, but beautiful!

Advent calendar: Door Nr.16

Browsing through the new images on ARTFLAKES we selected this gorgeous illustration by Lilla Bölecz for our Advent calendar door Nr. 16. It’s called “Falling apart.” Lilla is a graphic design student from Budapest, Hungary, and joined ARTFLAKES just a while ago.

We don’t know what’s reason behind this illustration, maybe a relationship that run it’s course or it’s about our moratlity – we don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful illustration! We love the colors Lilla used and the dream-like feel to it, especially for Christmas time.

Get yourself an exclusive print of this beautiful illustration on ARTFLAKES. Available as framed art print, poster, GalleryPrint, canvas print or greeting card.

Advent calendar: Door Nr.13

Well, the time when we were yearning for the first crocus to come into bloom, is over for this year (or before next year) – but we are nevertheless fascinated by this picture titled “crocus” by Oliver Barmbold, that we have chosen it as our Advent calendar door Nr.13.

You can order it as poster, framed art print, GalleryPrint, Canvas print or postcard – or just browse around the other pictures of the artist.

Advent calendar: Door Nr.11

It’s before Christmas and not easter, but anyway we have chosen this cute artwork for our Advent calendar door Nr. 11. Although, of course, we hope that no fluffy ducklings will hop out of your Christmas table, but delicious egg yolk.

But the photography with the meaningful title “Ducklings” taken by Sylvia Benkmann does evoke exactly that kind of atmosphere we want to have at home during the holidays, isn’t it?

The picture is available in our usual high quality as  Poster, framed art print, GalleryPrint, canvas print or postcard.

Advent calendar: Door Nr.7

Taking a look from the distance on the picture  “Guatemala Market” taken by Jean du Boisberranger could make you think: What kind of colourful bustle is that? Looking closer, you can see dozens of people hustling and pushing on a marketplace, clad in traditional costumes and carrying big bags of market goods in their hands. This interesting, colorful picture is behind our Advent door Nr. 7.

You can literally feel, smell and taste what is happening on this Central American ground: Exclamatory voices advertising their own goods as well as aromatically smelling fruit and vegetables – add the overwhelming colours and I guess you need no further explanation why we chose this picture as artwork pick of the week?

Advent calendar: Door Nr.6

Eine der Guten” (One of the Good) the ARTFLAKES-Shop is named, where we found our artwork Advent calendar: Door Nr.6.

It is matchingly called “The Owl” and shows the collage of a, well, owl. Above the head of the shy animal a hand is hovering – is it there to caress the feathered thing or to pick it up from the branch?

The Owl” is definitely one of our favourite pictures at ARTFLAKES and of course can be bought as art print, poster, GalleryPrint or canvas print. Hoot hoot!

Advent calendar: Door Nr.2

Can you hear the seagulls shrieking, the bees humming, the waves washing up on the shoreline and the sand trickling between your toes? Right – we can, too, even in December. This is why we haven chosen the picture titled “Ahlbeck” (a place at the Baltic Sea in Germany) by Jens Uhlenbusch as our Advent calender Door Nr. 2.

Because only looking at the intense colours of sea and bushes, as well as the option to go on a long travel with the boat on the right, drives away the cold winter out of the gaps of this city. Whoever is still looking for this special feeling of summer should may buy “Ahlbeck” as a framed art print, GalleryPrint or Poster?

Advent calendar: Door Nr.1

We start Dezember with grey sky grey, temperatures far below zero and the motivation to get up and leave the house somehow, well, small. But Christmas time starts today 🙂 A reason to take some time looking at the photography of Natascha Narvaez, that is titled “Goodmorning!” in a prompting way – and certainly would look great as an art print above the cosy bed.

Maybe we can frighten away the wintery weather outside with some energetic hops on the matress – short after wake up and before the first coffee – who knows? We, however, really love this picture, which is why we have chosen it for the artwork pick of the week.