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Interview with Matthias Heiderich

Today we would like you to meet Matthias Heiderich, a young self-taught photographer who is currently living and working in Berlin.

He mostly photographs Berlin in his very own unique and distinctive way. His work often explores the complexities of colour, is very architectural and minimalistic. You’ve never seen Berlin like this before!

Matthias aka massju also makes music on his own label “WeirdAndWired“, a netlabel for weird electronic music.

If you would like to know more about Matthias and his work, have a look at our interview!

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Artwork pick of the week: Underground

Nope, Underground stations in Berlin are not painted in pink or clad in pink light, like you could think when looking at the photograpy  “Underground” by Michael Janello.

But exactly because they are usually dirty, smelly and dazzingly bright lighted, we like the picture taken in Berlin even more. Whoever thinks as we do can find the picture on ARTFLAKES as  framed art print, canvas print or GalleryPrint.

We present: Pieces of Berlin

What is it that makes the special charme of Berlin, drawing thousands and thousands tourist to the city every year? Photographer Florian Reischauer – a born Austrian – uses every free minute to find the attitude towards life: “Everything is possible, nothing must!”. His finds are shown on his website “Pieces of Berlin“.

He does not only snap dilapidated ruins and rank courtyards, classic sights or colourful graffitis, but especially the inhabitants of Berlin: Students, artists, musicians, pensioners or road sweepers love to be available for a portrait and a quick chat. Thus the wild mixture of people bustling around the city is captured on photographic paper in a lovely way.

© Florian Reischauer