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Get your future told with the Pictarot iPhone App

Reading cards – isn’t this only for older women with a liking for all kinds of esoteric stuff? Nope. ‘Cause now there is Pictarot made by Pictoplasma! Here we have an exceedingly funny iPhone App made with love.

What about my relationship? What about my life? How should I decide? In different reading techniques those profound questions are answered. Well, if you have a sense for interpretation, that is. But then there’s nothing to stop you!

Artwork pick of the week: The Garden

I am sure: Just blink, and when you open your eyes, Sleeping Beauty has cuddled into the cosy armchair – to take a loooong nap. Like in the well-known fairy tale bushes and ivy are growing through the walls of this little living room in the picture entitled “The Garden“, taken by Sasha Hatherly.

Quite surreal and like stolen from an intensive dream the processed picture looks, which you can buy as framed art print, canvas print or GalleryPrint in our shop. An artwork pick of the week we really like!