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We present: Brendan Monroe

Maybe the sculptures made by Brendan Monroe look a bit, well, bizarre at first sight. A glaring red fluffy ball with legs? A male figure without a face but instead a body full of lumps?

The creatings of the Swedish artist may not be accessible directly, but even more interesting if you take a closer look. Several of his artworks are made out of wood, but look like they were manufactured out of a smoother material like dough or clay.

Often these sculptures radiate an atmosphere of solitude, which can be found – despite all those nice and warm colours – in the paintings of Monroe as well.

Lifelike acrylic pictures

©Alexa Meade

Wonderfully detailed acrylic pictures are what 29 year old artist Alexa Meade produces. Wait: paintings that move when you touch them – because they’re mad out of real people!

With her new Trompe-L’Oeil technique the american girl has succeeded in making three dimensional objects look like two dimensional pictures on paper. Only if you take a closer look (or walk around the object, if possible) you can see that the models where give a kind of second skin with a brush, that gives them a completely new look and identity.

It is worth having a peek at her gallery on Flickr, where the process of development of the artworks has been documented.


Looking into the past: Our find of the week

Foto: Flickr / squirrel brand

Is there anyone among us who is not a little bit nostalgic sometimes, looking back at those “good, old times”? On Flickr we recently stumbled upon a group that loves to indulge in this looking back: Looking into the past.

They do this by taking old photographies back to the place they were taken and precisely insert them into a new picture. Thus we get an impressive impression of how the world we live in has changed during years or decades – or not.

Now we feel like taking out those old boxes from dusty racks and go on a picture tour with the pictures from uncle Hermann and aunt Trudi, don’t we?

Eyecandy: Shawn Smith

©Shawn Smith

Which boy (and girl!) did not love to play with Lego for hours when being a child? We were reminded of this wonderful pastime when taking a look at my feedreader this morning where we stumbled upon the sculptures of Shawn Smith. But beware: They are not made of Lego, but wood!Read More

Find of the week: Sebastiaan Bremer

Well, we guess we cannot say it too often: It’s enough, dear winter, we’re fed up with you! It’s about time spring is coming to Germany with sun and warmth. So what are we going to do while the temperatures are still far below zero?

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Find of the week: Fake leaflets

© Phil Jones

Many cities of this world are full to the brim with leaflets – here in Berlin it may happen that you cannot see the electrical cubicle or traffic light due to mountain of posters and stickers anymore. Most of them are looking for the same: Cat runaway, dog escaped, laptop left in the café, keys lost after having drunk too much.

Designer Phil Jones has administered to this way of communicating and interpreted it with an ironical wink of the eye: His leaflets, if you take a closer look, actually don’t make any sense. They consist of puns, urban legends and humorous ideas that stick to your mind easily. That’s great! Sadly those art works – ‘ccause aren’t those often lovingly designed leaflets a kind of art? – can only be found in the US yet. But who knows…

The invisible man: Liu Bolin

Art magazines, art blogs, newspapers and TV shows have gone crazy over the artwork of Liu Bolin recently: He is the man who becomes invisible by painting himself exactly like the background he is standing in front. Like a chameleon, so to say.

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Rachel Perry Welty: The business of Life

It’s the “business of life”, Rachel Perry Welty makes the subject of discussion in her artwork: She almost frantically collects the things that are part of our everyday life, be it her facebook updates, receipts, fruit stickers, bills or spam mails.

I like the pictures best you can see above, where the artist herself almost disappears in her artwork, giving the artwork another dimension. Welty has been on the art market for over a decade know and is not running out of ideas.