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The world of dreams

“Muuuuum, what the hell did you do with me when I was a baby?” – I just imagine that the little girl of Adele Enersen might ask this questions when old enough and taking a look at the project of her mum. While on maternity leave from work she decided to start a blog, where she took pictures of her daughter while sleeping.

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Chewing gum art by Maurizio Savini

Usually, when the taste of your chewing gum turns boring, you spit it out (or, taking care of nature, put it in the waste bin) and don’t think about it anymore. This is not the case with Italian born Maurizio Savini: He uses chewing gum to create life sized sculptures of people, dogs or bears.

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Embroidered books for penguin

I know I have shared a lot of stuff that somehow contained embroidery lately, but then this project is far too good to not share it: Penguin is going to published literary classics this autumn – whose surface is embroidered. Well, actually only the prototype was embroidered, but the final books will have a tactile writing as well, making it look like as if.

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Between art and fashion: Madame Peripeti

©Madame Peripeti

I wasn’t really sure whether we are talking about art or fashion here, when looking at the pictures taken by Madame Peripeti: Her stunning portraits are a mixture of fashion elements and art movements like surrealism and dadaism.

Peripeti – whose name originally is Sylwana Zybura – wants to explore the boundaries between fashion, art and the human being. And I have to say: She has been successful with that so far!

Art made of bills: Nava Lubelski

Have a guess: How many old bills, tax returns and unused and old pieces of paper could be found in your home? What to do with them? Nava Lubelski uses them to make art in form of flat paper sculptures.

Thus all those rejection letters or bills you wouldn’t mind if they were non-existent are turned into nicely – and not dangerous or depressing – looking sculptures. What a great idea!