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Chris Dorosz: colour blob people

That colour is used for creating artworks is not a secret. But big colour blobs? For his life-sized portraits of families or single people Chris Dorosz uses thick paint, which is attached to plastic rods.

But no, not attached – the paint is allowed to go its own way, shaping itself like it wants to. The result is stunning: little colourful blobs arrange themselves to a composition that somehow looks like a human DNA!

Kelly Howley: Necklaces made from hair

Hair is ugly? No, of course hair is not ugly, most of the time we love all those wavey brown/red/blonde hair growing on our heads. Most of the time – but what about hair, that is not, well, attached to your head anymore? Usually hair turns from beautiful to gross within a second when falling off.

This is exactly what the art of Kelly Howley is about: In order to finish her degree at Middlesex University, Howley created necklaces out of human hair. She was interested in how people can combine those feelings of attraction and aversion at the same time. Those filigree objects certainly look beautiful – and somehow disgusting at the same time.

(via Laughing Squid)

Art on floppy disks

There were times when you could safe all your data from a computer on a floppy disk. Which sounds hilarious today, thinking that hard drives with 200 GB are common these days.

Nick Gentry has found an interesting way to include all these floppy disks no longer used into his art: He uses them as as background for his painted portraits. That looks amazing and ensures that those ancient looking pieces aren’t just thrown away…

Daniel Kornrumpf: Embroidered Portraits

How long does it take to finish one of this stunning pictures, I wonder? Daniel Kornrumpf takes his time to turn photographs into marvellous embroidered portraits.

The difference to other artists working with needle and thread is the incredible exactness of detail. Every part of the face is stitched into the cloth with special accuracy. Can I order one of my portraits as well, please?

Find: Barry McGee

It’s quite colourful again with our find today: Barry McGee is a streetart and grafitti artist, whose work has been featured in galleries and museums as well – yes, some of his artworks were even exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2001!

In his pictures the California based artists depicts negative experiences made with urban life – which nevertheless doesn’t keep him from doing this with lots of colour!

Find: Anna-Wili Highsmith

She has been confronted with creativity right from he cradle:  Anna-Wili Highsmith is the daughter of a puppeteer. She herself works as an artist and creates these wonderful filigree and fragile looking animal sculptures – from paper!

All those owls, birds and horse heads are made out of strips of thick paper. They are painted and sewn together until they have the desired form. Wonderful! Highsmith has created sculptures for the French fashion label Hèrmes as well as for a whole bunch of galleries already.

Find: Rosie Geissler

“Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine”, is written on one of the pictures made by Rosie Geissler – we don’t know whether Miss Geissler possesses power due to her sewing skills. But we like her artwork.

Geissler is working as illustrator and graphic designer in Northumberland, England and has a fondness for typographie and smart slogans. These are then stitched onto white linen and framed, but they never remind you of those old-fashioned embroidery kits from your local needlework shop. More pictures of Rosies artworks can be found on ihr flickr profile.