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Pixel Clouds by Daniel Arsham

Delicate plastic sculpture work by artist Daniel Arsham. Though the web site labels the materials as “plastic” my hunch would be these are ping pong balls that have been dyed and somehow adhered into these incredible structures.

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Working in the Bell Jar

The weather can be lovely and sunny outside – but if you happen to work in this office, you will surely not feel cut off from nature. It was created by Christian Pottgiesser, an architect from France.

All employees of both companies the architectural jewel was made for, work ar´t their own little honeycomb-like desk. Transparent globes shield their phones and computers (and thus the noise) from their colleagues, but without obstructing the view of them. Trees – whether they are real or artificial we’re not quite sure – growing between the desks add a cosy atmosphere to the room. Well, why can’t all offices be as nice as that!

Need a change of perspective?

Oops, what happened? Well, we certainly had rather not drive on this bridge – that is situated not far away from the Niagara Falls. It looks a bit, well, shaky. But don’t worry: It is only a screenshot you’re looking at, taken with Google Earth by Clement Valla. Who now sells them as postcards due to them looking so strange.

These surreal looking pictures are made when Google Earth imploringly tries to change from a two-dimensional view into a three-dimensional view. And is a bit too slow with that. We, however, are glad that the real world usually has now problems existing in 3D…

Ashes to Ashes: Yan Yongliang

A gigantic cigarette including the usual ash top is hanging from the ceiling of a museum. A cigarette, okay. We know cigarettes. But wait: Who takes a closer look at the installation “Cigarette Ash Landscape” made by Yan Yongliang will see that we’re not talking about a standard cigarette ash – but about tiny and lacy skylines made from paper!

Where the ash is falling down on the floor there is another pile of pictures of well-known capitals and cities of the world, surrounded by a bunch of happily blooming flowers. The artists seems to have acquired the steady hand during his studies: He loves traditional chinese art and calligraphy. We are thrilled! (Pssst…We have found the guy and his art at artschoolvets)

Find of the week: Delicacies made from wool

From right to left: Sushi by NeedleNoodles, Big Breakfast by Fluff and Fuzz, Chicken Dinner by TastyCrochet, Knitted Vegetables by Pecan_Sandies

Oh, they look so mouth-watering, these pictures, don’t they? But beware: it could get quite fluffy in your mouth when biting into them – they are made from wool entirely.

During the last month we often stumbled upon groceries made from wool. It seems to be a little trend to take the big knitting needles out of the closet and knitting a complete sushi menu or a pan full of well known vegetables while watching TV. Scarfs and woollen socks may be useful but quite boring, isn’t it?

Suspended Objects

French photographer Cerise Doucède uses strings to suspend objects in mid-air to create gravity defying photographs that seem to be frozen in time. To attach the objects to string and to set up one scene takes about three days. Doucéde, who finds her inspiration in materials and scenes from everyday life, discovered photography after studying graphic design. In 2012 she won the Royal Monceau photography competition, which highlights and supports young photographers.

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