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Top 10 of companies using instagram

We must admit: We’re addicted to the instagram app available for all iPhones and Android phones: Is there a better and quicker way to get stylish, vintage-looking pictures that you can share with your friends and the whole world with just one click?

But not only private people are using the app to snap their coffee table or the view from the hotel room in order to make their “followers” jealous, a steady growing amount of companies is using the virtual toy to give allow a glimpse behind the scenes. For some days there has been the option to hashtag your pictures as well: If you click on one of these words marked with a # you will only see pictures labelled with this keyword.

The Top 10 of companies using instagram:

1. National Geographic
2. Starbucks
3. Playboy
4. Coca Cola
5. Pepsi
6. CNN
7. NH Hotels
8. Brisk Ice Tea
9. Levi’s
10. NPR (US public radio)

Five Favorite Instagrammers

Since launching the exciting new feature allowing artists and art lovers to buy and sell Instagrams on ARTFLAKES, we’ve become even more crazy about our favorite square-format photo sharing community. The recent ARTFLAKES Instagram contest introduced us to many Instagrammers including our winners Melissa Vincent, Rodion Kovenkin, and Ozer Kurt. With over 100 million users around the world and so many beautiful images out there, we’d like to present our five favorite Instagrammers this week.

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Feature: Ozer Kurt

Meet Ozer Kurt, the first place winner of our ARTFLAKES Instagram Photo Contest. Kurt, who works as a Senior Digital Art Director in Instanbul, loves taking pictures with his various digital and analogue cameras. But there is one camera he enjoys taking pictures with even more, and that’s his smartphone camera!

Want to know more about him? Then read our interview:

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Sell Your Instagram Photos On ARTFLAKES

We’ve got some great news ─ you can now sell your Instagrams on ARTFLAKES! For a while now, you’ve been able to buy your own Instagrams as stickers. But this isn’t enough. Our tech team has been hard at work, and now you can finally sell your Instagrams from your ARTFLAKES gallery. They can then be purchased as eye-catching professional gallery prints, framed art prints, high quality canvas prints, stunning posters, and even greeting cards ─ just like your other artwork! Awesome, right?

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Search instagram with instac.at

You’re not looking for a certain instagram-user, but for crazy and weird snapshots , that were taken with the iPhone-app?

Looking for a way to do that, we stumbled upon instac.at. Don’t be confused by the dozens of cute cat pictures that pop up on the page when you open it: On the right upper side you can simply put in the keyword you’re looking for (what about “dogs”?), and – voilà – all instagram pictures tagged with the keyword flutter by. Nice!

“Webstagram”: A web viewer for instagram pictures

Until today it had been a complicated procedure, did you want to share your instagram pictures with others who were NOT in posession of an iPhone: First publishing the picture, then copying the link and inserting it in your mobile notepad, then typing the url into your browser. Phew.

Obviously these times are over, because now there is Webstagram: Here you can log in with your instagram username and password and view your snapshots online. Of course all comments of other instagrammers are visible as well. We like!

instagram and picplz – now as stickers on ARTFLAKES!

Instagram und Picplz – two apps for your mobile phone that are used by thousands or even millions of people worldwide by now. Take a snapshot, put a filter over it and you get a lovely picture with a vintage look.

But then? Currently all pictures are only visible for other users of the app. This is now changed thanks to ARTFLAKES, because here you can have your snapshots printed as stickers! 10x10cm (4x4inch) they are, and you can attach them to everything that isn’t nailed down: laptops, desktops, folders, windows, walls… and and and. And if you’re fed up with having a sticker on this thing, simply remove it – this is possible with these ARTFLAKES stickers as well!

Now quickly get your smartphone – snap snap! – insert your name and order: 10 stickers are 14,90 Euro, 25 stickers 29,90 Euro and 50 stickers 44,90 Euro. Add 2,90 Euro for shipping and start, well, sticking!