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Need a change of perspective?

Oops, what happened? Well, we certainly had rather not drive on this bridge – that is situated not far away from the Niagara Falls. It looks a bit, well, shaky. But don’t worry: It is only a screenshot you’re looking at, taken with Google Earth by Clement Valla. Who now sells them as postcards due to them looking so strange.

These surreal looking pictures are made when Google Earth imploringly tries to change from a two-dimensional view into a three-dimensional view. And is a bit too slow with that. We, however, are glad that the real world usually has now problems existing in 3D…

“Webstagram”: A web viewer for instagram pictures

Until today it had been a complicated procedure, did you want to share your instagram pictures with others who were NOT in posession of an iPhone: First publishing the picture, then copying the link and inserting it in your mobile notepad, then typing the url into your browser. Phew.

Obviously these times are over, because now there is Webstagram: Here you can log in with your instagram username and password and view your snapshots online. Of course all comments of other instagrammers are visible as well. We like!