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Contact 1: A 200,000 Piece Lego Masterwork by Mike Doyle

New Jersey artist Mike Doyle completed one of the most amazing MOC (MOC = My Own Creation; i.e. a piece not from a Lego kit) you have ever seen. This massive creation is titled Contact 1: The Millennial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan and is the culmination of some 600 hours of work using 200,000+ individual bricks and stands nearly 5 feet high by six feet wide. It is the first in a series of grand scale LEGO works “celebrating extra terrestrial contact events, spiritual beings and unique worlds.” Simply incredible!

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Imagine is a new ad campaign created by Germany ad agency Jung von Matt for the Danish toy manufacturer LEGO. It challenges readers to place recognizable characters constructed in block form. The idea for the campaign was to recreate minimalist representations of iconic cartoon characters from popular animated TV shows like The Simpsons (see above). The campaign highlights perfectly what LEGO is all about, igniting your imagination. See all of ads after the cut.

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