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Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza mixes embroidery and drawing within her collected works. Great part of her work concentrates around the human body and the relation between humans and animals, which is often shown as aggressive and disturbing. While animals and vegetation are richly detailed in her works, the Peruvian artist chooses to display her human subject matter as basic stitched figures or graphite drawing.

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Anatomical Collages by Ben Giles

Young Kingston-based artist Ben Giles creates beautiful and vibrant anatomical collages with a vintage touch. I especially enjoy his anatomical collages, in which he mixes anatomical diagrams with colorful flowers, plants, birds and butterflies. Check out his Flickr for more great collages!

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Tilo Uischner

Tilo Uischners portraits show beautiful and sensual young men, little children and old men, whose faces tell their life story. Berlin-based Uischner looks at human beings, their faces, their postures, the angularity of their bodies. Combining various medias like acrylics and splicing them with the technique of intarsia, he creates beautiful and often mysterious works we can’t take our eyes off.

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Floppy Disk Paintings

UK-artist Nick Gentry happens to use floppy disks as his canvas. Gentry, being part of the first generation of kids that grew up with computers, recycles outmoded technology like the floppy disk, into works of art. Loving “the variety of colours and the handwriting that gives clues to what might be stored on them”, he doesn’t conceal his material. Instead he consciously integrates it into his work.

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Interview with Sara Barnes

Welcome Sara Barnes today, the lovely lady behind the wonderful Blog “Brown Paper Bag” and an illustrator and artist herself.

Her work has a touch of fairy tale – sometimes more of these dark and gloomy ones – and involves collage, painting as well as stitching.

Sara, who lives in Baltimore, USA, talked to us about her inspiration and work – and her favourite taste of chocolate.

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