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Tree Drawings by Tim Knowles


British artist Tim Knowles has created a series to highlight not his artistic abilities but the hidden talent of trees. In “Tree Drawings,” he whimsically sets up a white surface within reach of a tree’s branches and then affixes a writing utensil to the trees. To exhibit the series, he pairs the resulting sketch with a photograph of the set-up that created it.

Knowles’ website states: “A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches, the wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper. Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.”

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Golden Paper Hummingbirds

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera created a new series of hummingbird sculptures using shimmering golden paper. Herrera placed the hummingbirds next to flowers to show how a “dynamic element” looks in comparison to a “static element.” She’s interested in “how they cooperate together and the importance of the position and shape they both have to have to allow them to create a harmonic union.”

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ARTFLAKES launches cooperation with National Geographic

A silver-spotted skipper butterfly building a cocoon in a locust leaf

We’re quite excited to announce that starting from Monday, 15th August, more than 20.000 pictures from the archives of National Geographic can be purchased on ARTFLAKES as high quality art prints, canvas prints, GalleryPrints, posters or greeting cards.

National Geographic has become famous for its renowned photographers taking pictures of historical sights, geographical and archaeologial phenomena, the beauty of nature in general and of almost every animal and plant on this planet as well. Thanks to this cooperation all those impressive photographies are now available for sale in the National Geographie shop on ARTFLAKES.

Watch sturdy polar bears fight, caterpillars building themselves a cocoon in order to turn into a colourful butterfly or enigmatic looking water plants.

Take a look at the ancient Inca site of Maccu Piccu from above or join the photographer on a trip through the Rocky Mountains or the Antarctica.

More than 20.000 pictures were provided from National Geographic and are waiting to be explored by you! All prints are available in sizes starting from 20x30cm up to 70x100cm. Buy them as framed art print, canvas print, GalleryPrint, poster or greeting card!

More information about National Geographic in general can be found on their website.

Cuatro Cienegas Natural Protected Area, Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico