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Artwork pick of the week: Fruit

Garbage as art, well – not everyone does like this. But the mix of more or less fresh blackberrys, mandarin peel and flower petals results in such a nice combination of colours within the photography called “Fruit” by Mike Shulhan, that we could not NOT take it as the artwork pick of the week.

After all the pieces of fruit radiate a nice hint of summer – which you, as usual, can buy as framed print, poster or canvas print and put it on your kitchen wall!

Advent calendar: Door Nr.20

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to just pack your bags and go on  a long trip with one of these little oldschool caravans? Sleep in the woods or next to the ocean, waking up to the chirping of birds, the whisper of the wood, the sound of the waves?

This spirit is perfectly depicted in the photography of die farbenfluesterin, called “Schöner Wohnen” or “Beaufiul Living”. The blue sky shimmering between the trees and the orange caravan give a nice contrast of colour. Perfect for our Advent calendar door Nr. 20.

Buy this picture on ARTFLAKES as framed art print, canvas print, GalleryPrint, poster or greeting card.

Advent calendar: Door Nr.4

Yesyesyes, we shouldn’t go on complaining about winter and wish for summer all the time – otherwhise it won’t come at all in the end.

But the picture “Child jumping into water” from Trigger Images does bring back those sweet memories of the warm season – our Advent calendar door Nr. 4!

And of course we were impressed by the colours as well. A nice blotch of colour that can be bought as framed art print or poster, isn’t it? Maybe in your bathroom?

Artwork pick of the Week: “Autumn sun”

This week we again rummaged around the picture box that is ARTFLAKES and fished out the charming illustration “autumn sun” of the German artist Judith Clay.

Judith was trained as a ceramic painter and later on studied literature – her love for drawing and telling stories is reflected in her enchanting illustrations that look like they were just taken out of a fairy tale.

“I like it best when I can please others with my pictures”, she writes in her profile. We are convinced that this is working quite well!

Artwork pick of the week – Kristina Sabaite

“My uncle has a moustache Big and Black moustache And he looks so seriuous I can´t stop laughing…” – with these words lithuanian illustrator Kristina Sabaite explains her artwork “Moustache“, which now can be found and bought at ARTFLAKES.

Moustache have become trendy again – not only with young guys living in Berlin who want to revive the 80s – and are printed on posters, coffee cups or t-shirts.

We fell in love with the picture of the little playful girl and her fake paper moustache immediately and thus have chosen it for our first “artwork pick of the week”

Artwork pick of the week: Empty bed

You know those days when it’s cold outside, it’s raining and you just wanna stay in your bed, but you have to get up and your bed is screaming for you to come back and get comfy?

Well, Alberto Bernasconi’s photograph “Empty bed” reminds me a little of that. The warmth of the brown wooden panels on the wall in contrast to the colorful blanket and the soft light look beautiful. Doesn’t it make you wanna change into some cosy pajamas and climb into bed with a good book?

You can buy this stunning photograph as framed art print, poster, GalleryPrint, canvas print of greeting card in various sizes on ARTFLAKES. Also have a look at Bernasconi’s shop and his other artworks.

Artwork pick of the week: Light Magic

Autumn has arrived, leaves are turning, the first chestnuts and acorns are falling from the trees…

Autumn can be a bit gray and rainy, but also clear and sunny. Especially when the sun shines and the light the falling leaves hits. In autumn nature lights up almost magically in all kind of different colors, yellow, orange, red and brown. Like in this beautiful photograph by Dirk Wüstenhagen called “Light magic”, in which the first glowing rays of the morning sun try to find their way through the treetops to the forest floor.

Get yourself an exclusive print of this beautiful autumn morning sight – available at ARTFLAKES as framed art print, poster, GalleryPrint, canvas print and greeting card. Also take a look at the shop of Dirk Wüstenhagen, where he sells even more of his wonderful photographs.