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Sara Zin

Sara Zin focuses in her work on the individual and identity. It’s all about “Who am I? What’s in a look? What’s in a face?”. Her process is “a mediative exercise in breaking up features and re-assembling them into new structured forms, imbued with abstract thoughts, feelings and impressions.” Born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in New York, Zin now lives with her husband in Seattle where she works as a designer.

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Photorealistic Portraits Hand-Embroidered by Cayce Zavaglia

St. Louis based artist Cayce Zavaglia creates amazing hand-embroidered photorealistic portraits. The process, which she refers to as a “renegade approach to embroidery”, begins with a photo-shoot consisting of 100-150 portraits from which she selects the best image and then moves to the canvas where she works with one ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen to create each piece. To get to know more about her process watch the video about her work after the jump.

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Fractions by Sam Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez’ Fractions is an ongoing series of work involving questions and ideas about identity in style and culture. His painted dissections of the human face are intended to further emphasize and explore the idea of people as walking “melting pots”. The work playfully juxtaposes several visual cues that we use in order to process information about people we see. Sam Rodriguez is a visual artist, with over 12 years of professional experience ranging from fine art exhibitions, public art projects to apparel and publishing. He currently resides in San Jose, California.

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