Tag: street art

They Live by Timm Schneider

It’s amazing what fun things you can do with just two styrofoam balls and a marker. German artist Timm Schneider turns random objects and sidewalk architecture like trash cans, mail boxes and street posts into imaginative and goofy cartoon characters by attaching two styrofoam balls fashioned into googly eyes. Click through to see more of Schneider’s works.

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Cement Eclipses by Isaac Cordal

London, Berlin or Barcelona, Isaac Cordal travels around Europe placing little sculptures in unassuming locations. His sculptures take the form of little people sculpted from concrete in “real” situations – waiting for buses, on their way to work and in more tragic moments such as accidental death, suicide or family funerals. In spite of their lack of detail or color, Cordal manages to capture a lot of emotion in his little men, letting us empathise with them.

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