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Virtual graffiti: The Street tag app

Ever wanted to do Grafitti yourself but were a bit too scared to get caught by the police? Well, then this might be your chance: If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone, just download the free new app called “Street Tag“.

Having done this, you can turn your mobile into a virtual graffiti can and leave your mark in a city of your choice! You don’t have to fear punishment anymore and furthermore can tag and geo-tag your arty farty creatings on a map to share it with others from all over the world.

Now other people can see what you decided to adorn that shabby looking Eiffel Tower with when climbing up the stairs, or add their personal work to your sign on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin…

Are you using apps as well? Tell us which one is your all time favourite!

(via urbanartcore)

Find: Barry McGee

It’s quite colourful again with our find today: Barry McGee is a streetart and grafitti artist, whose work has been featured in galleries and museums as well – yes, some of his artworks were even exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2001!

In his pictures the California based artists depicts negative experiences made with urban life – which nevertheless doesn’t keep him from doing this with lots of colour!

The streetart project

As “the world’s largest art collection” the streetart project, that was created in co-operation with Google Streetview, is described on its website. Does work similar, too, but the focus is – as the name may tell already – on streetart.

You can either search for the city or place you’re looking for directly, or zoom in and out of the virtual map of streetart. There is a filter for artists as well, but not many have been listed yet.

A nice tool for all fans of streetart – even individual city trips can be planned by looking for all those alternative sights…

Best of Blogs: Streetart

Streetart -is ist actually art or just displeasing mess ruining the streets? Discussions are growing hot again and again, but don’t care about that right now and present you our five most loved blogs about streetart.

1. I love Graffiti
On our favourite blog about streetart you can find pictures of (street)artworks as well as interesting interviews and videos.

2. Just/Blogsport
The people behind Just/Blogsport live in Berlin – which is full to the brim with streetart. Their main focus is on events concerning streetart.

3. taz streetart blog
Whether you like this german newspaper or not: Their streetart blog is worth reading. Different journalists stroll around the city (mainly Berlin, but international cities are featured as well) and take snapshots of their finds.

4. Reclaim your city
A wonderful source if you’re looking for an overview or streetart artists. Here you find a whole bunch of pictures, videos and interviews.

5. German Street art
Without much text (actually, most of the time there isn’t any at all) here beautiful streetart finds are shown. A feast for the eyes!