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Photorealistic Portraits Hand-Embroidered by Cayce Zavaglia

St. Louis based artist Cayce Zavaglia creates amazing hand-embroidered photorealistic portraits. The process, which she refers to as a “renegade approach to embroidery”, begins with a photo-shoot consisting of 100-150 portraits from which she selects the best image and then moves to the canvas where she works with one ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen to create each piece. To get to know more about her process watch the video about her work after the jump.

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BLACK by Susi Sie

Awesome short film featuring ferro-fluids by Susi Sie called “BLACK”. The film focuses on our fear of the uncontrollable, which goes hand in hand with our fascination of the unfamiliar. Music by Clemens Haas. Also check out her short film “FLOAT” after the jump.

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My…My… by Lei Lei

Check out this lovely animation by Lei Lei. Lei Lei is a 23-year-old up-and-coming Chinese multimedia animation artist and founder of the design group Raydesign Studio. “My…My…” is his latest animation. It’s about a little guy who finds himself naked one day and is now searching for his clothes. Make sure to watch Lei Lei’s other animations as well! So beautiful and quirky!

Music from a dry cleaner

If you ever wondered how a dry cleaner sounds, you might now have your answer. Passing a dry cleaner every day on his way to his favorite bakkery sound designer Diego Stocco one day couldn’t resist the sounds coming out of the dry cleaner anymore. Using only the maschines in the dry cleaner as musical instruments he recorded with permission of the owner a music piece right in the shop.

The idea is truly brilliant and who thought a puff iron, press and dry cleaning machines, a washer, clothes hangers, and a bucket full of soap sounds so good, right? One may ask what the purpose or meaning of all this is, well, does it have to have a purpose at all? It’s fun and as Diego Stocco says at the end of the video “that’s the whole idea!”.