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We present: We heart it

How often does it happen that we stumble upon pictures we like while aimlessly browsing around the web? Quickly the virtual eyecandy is saved in one of those numerous inspiration folders on your pc – without a source. It is not unusual that you want to share one of the finds later on, but don’t know where it came from. And posting a picture on your blog or website without telling the source is not allowed.

This is why we love We heart it, the virtual picture box for all your virtual finds. After registration every user can copy the “I heart it”-button in their browserbar and click on it, whenever he finds a picture he likes. The picture is then saved in an own gallery and can traced back to its source via a link.

Who does not like to collect pictures themselves can easily spend hours and hours and hours on the plattform itself, browsing around all the galleries – the amount of users is increasing daily…

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – plan your shoot

There are several important things to have a look at if you want to take pictures of nature or landscapes: At what time does the sun not disturb my doings? When is sunset or sunrise? Thanks to the Photographer’s Ephemeris you don’t need to worry about these conditions of nature any further. Because it’s a tool for your computer, where you can plan exactly those conditions.

The program works with Adobe air and offers to show the calculated light conditions at the place you want to take your picture – and all calculations can be saved as well. The program is available for your usual pc or iPhone and iPad.

(via NoodleGei)

The streetart project

As “the world’s largest art collection” the streetart project, that was created in co-operation with Google Streetview, is described on its website. Does work similar, too, but the focus is – as the name may tell already – on streetart.

You can either search for the city or place you’re looking for directly, or zoom in and out of the virtual map of streetart. There is a filter for artists as well, but not many have been listed yet.

A nice tool for all fans of streetart – even individual city trips can be planned by looking for all those alternative sights…