Weekly Links

Pictures from the page “The Cat Scan”

Have a cat? A scanner? And too much time? Well, these are the perfect conditions for becoming a part of the hilarious tumblr-page “The Cat Scan” that we read about on It’s Nice That. I guess it’s not the hardest task to get your cat on the scanner, as it’s warm and cosy up there and somehow, well, interesting… Browse through all those cute pictures and have a good laugh.

The scanned cats might be your own product, but be sure that the rest of all those “LOL cats” etc. are simply a production made at “Kittywood Studios” – at least this it what the funny video we saw on Nerdcore tries to tell us: Kittys walking around like a human being? It’s just an animation, not real!

In comparison, the “Flash mob wedding proposal” in a mall in Sandton City was more than real: To all passers-by it might have seemed like random people had just started to sing and fooling around, but of course this had been planned accurately before. What a nice surprise to be asked THE question while going shopping, isn’t it?

Loads of people where involved as well when at Chambley-Bussieres Aerodrome in France the attempt was make to let the most hot air balloons ever taking off together. The record has not been confirmed yet, but with 343 balloons floating in the air there might be a good chance for it, says The Laughing Squid.

HTML looks Double dutch to you? CSS codes make you cry? Don’t worry: The Nerds are here to help you. At least when you watch this little video “Don’t fear the internet” that was presented on Pikaland. The tutorial made by Jessica Hirsch and Russ Maschmeyer is intended to help non-designers get an easy insight into webdesign.