Top 5: Virtual pinboards

Most of us spend hours in this thing called internet every day… Often we stumble upon nice and inspiring pictures. But where to put them? Should they be hidden in disordered folders on your pc? No! Virtual pinboards are a far better choice – and today we want to introduce you to our five favourite ones.

1. We heart it
It looks a bit girly, this platform called “we heart it“, but I like it best: With a simple click on a website pictures of all kinds can be collected in your very own gallery. Although we might have to turn a blind eye when it comes to copyright, all pictures are linked to the page they come from – thus you can spend ages browsing around this big box of inspiration!

2. Ffffound
To take part in “Ffffound” (yes, it has to be four f’s) you need a special invitation. If you’re in it you can give youself a pat on the back to be among a chosen group of collectors, so to say. As soon as you click on one of the graphics or illustrations, more pictures appear that are somehow similar. Yes, you can get lost in here for a long time as well…

3. Pinterest
Like on Ffffound you need an invitation for Pinterest as well -but it seems to be a bit easier to get one. It is mainly women who pin their finds of interior, fashion and lifestyle to gigantic virtual boards.

4. tumblr.
Everyone can create a tumblr-Blog if they want. Like a usual blog all picture finds fished from the net are posted in separate posts and can be commented and shared.

This virtual pinboard called “SVPPLY” is quite new among its colleagues: Here you don’t store all kinds of pictures you simply like, but things you would like to buy. Thus most of the pictures you find here feature colourful clothing, embroidered bags, aesthetic leather shoes or the one or other cosy armchair.