We have read…

That’s a lot of money: Hans-Peter Feldmann, a German artist, has pinned $100.000 – he just took $1 notes – to the walls of the Guggenheim Museum New York. This is the money he received when he was given the Hugo Boss prize. When he told the museum that he would like to use this money as the artwork itself, they were surprised at first. But then Feldmann has become famous for his collecting and re-presenting, we read over at Sweet Station.

Another weird but fascinating exhibition was mentioned by theartblog: Carl Marin is presenting her sculptures made out of toys and taxidermy at the FLUXspace in Philadelphia, USA. People in love cuddly animals should maybe forego the the show, though.

“Fly me to the moon…” – when sitting on this cosy “Balloon bench” you might feel like floating off into the sky the next minute. We stumbled upon this wonderful creation at Sweet Station as well.