Advent calendar: Door Nr.21

Very colourful are the illustrations of Daniel Montero Galán, whom we have stored behind advent calendar door Nr.21.

He had always expressed himself preferably by drawing since he was born in 1981, Galán explains in his profile at ARTFLAKES with a good sense of humour.

While attending school it became clear again that he preferred to spent his time with schribbling into his textbooks than reading what was written in them, which is why he switched conventional school for drawing school. There, however, he didn’t manage with the teachers very well, so decided to leave school and become an autodidact.

It wasn’t easy to survive with the help of his crayons only, bit with a good deal of stubbornness he managed to land his first jobs. And by now he can make a living with his art.

As an example of his work you can see the illustration named “Windy Day“, which you can order here as a poster, canvas print or GalleryPrint for example. More work of Daniel Montero Galán can be found in his Shop.