Top 5: Interior Design Blogs

Interior Design have existed a dime a dozen for years now. When looking for inspiration for your home you may get caught on these websites for hours. If you put all those found ideas into practise after all is open to question – but nevertheless we here present you our five most loved interior design blogs.

1. Decor8
There is no way around Holly of Decor8 if you are looking for inspiration in design and interior. There are new posts daily, among them several interviews, shop presentations, travelogues and book advice.

2. Design is mine
28 years young and in the possession of the wonderful name Summer Allen, the woman behind Design is mine shares her inspiration with us daily. That may be springlike dresses, photographies, artworks or homemade cake – essential is the reference to design.

3. Delights by Design

The blog of Blair Friedemann focuses on the pompuous: Glittering chandeliers, velvet sofas and vintage leather seats are what the american woman is interested in. She regularly posts her finds on Delights by Design.

4. Happy Mundane

“There is beauty in your dish soap”,the writers of Happy Mundane are convinced. On their pure but still colourful page they post ordinary as well as extraordinary things that bring light and brightness into your home.

5. Oh Joy!
Joy is an old hand when it comes to blogging: Her website Oh Joy!, was launched in 2005 and has become far more than a collection of nice pictures. The blog is updated daily (sometimes even more than once) with finds from the fields of (product) design and interior – and a personal note with everything that makes Joy smile.