„A Festival of Grapes“

aus der Galerie von eloiseart
Über dieses Bild:

Grapes - red, green, blue and purple on a background of gold - luscious and ready to be picked from the vine. This piece was created using an impasto technique, an Italian word that describes a painting style where colors are laid on one layer at a time. This adds depth and dimension and a real feeling of texture. In this piece, the viewer often feels he or she can just reach right through the grapes in front and pluck one right off the vine in the back. The depth is incredible.

This print abounds with deep, rich, and delicious color. It has a definite Old World or European feel to it; although it fits anywhere there are deep rich colors in the decorating scheme. Would be beautiful in any room of the house: living room, den, kitchen, bedroom, family room, bathroom. Or hang it at your lake house, lodge, cottage, or beach house. Perfect for commercial use: winery, restaurant, bank, or business.

Bildnummer: ffb0773
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