„Baby Barbary Macaque“

aus der Galerie von Julie Hoddinott
Über dieses Bild:

One of my most popular images of all time this one.
This began with one of my own photographs.
Taken at Apenheul, Netherlands in 2009, this new Mum and Dad were very proud of their new youngster. I had been told this baby was born by the keeper I went to visit, as I arrived in the primate centre, but all day long, nobody could find where Mum and Dad had hidden out. Right at the end of the day, I was the last in the enclosure - as usual - and I made my way toward the exit, to start the journey to the airport and I heard a noise above me. Looked up, and this is what I saw. I stayed there for about fifteen minutes, jsut sharing this moment with this beautiful family. Mum's smile is not photoshopeed, its a real macaque expresion which shows acceptance in the troop. Everytime I look at this image I feel blessed for having this moment in my life.

Bildnummer: 3a062e9
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