„Blue Morpho Butterfly “

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Über dieses Bild:

Blue Morpho butterfly. This one has a nice transition of blues along the wings, and was a patient subject. Blue Morphos are one of the world's largest butterflies, with wingspans up to eight inches. The undersides of the wing are brown with eyespots to protect against predators. When in flight the wings flash between blue and brown creating the illusion that the butterfly is disappearing and reappearing. They are found in tropical forests in Latin America. Caterpillars prefer a diet of leaves from the pea family of plants.

Bildnummer: 99cf874
chris kusik 2013-12-16 19:43:03 UTC
(Künstler des Bildes)
Thank you for your kind comments Alfons!
© Alfons Thul 2013-12-16 00:09:00 UTC
Fascinating! Good shot!
Kind regards
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