„Brooklyn Bridge“

aus der Galerie von Mark Wilson
Über dieses Bild:

Construction began on January 3, 1870. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed thirteen years later and was opened for use on May 24, 1883. On that first day, a total of 1,800 vehicles and 150,300 people crossed what was then the only land passage between Manhattan and Long Island. The bridge’s main span over the East River is 1,595 feet 6 inches (486.3 m). The bridge cost $15.5 million to build and approximately 27 people died during its construction.
We loved the early morning walk across from Brooklyn to Manhattan as the sun was shining on a gorgeous December Morning. The inspirational stories of human endeavor and loss of life in building this magnificent structure are something else. As you walk across, to your left the Statue of Liberty, the gateway to America, to your right, The Empire State Building, a 1930s construction that is now the tallest building in New York. Also to the right the Chrysler Building, same period as the Empire State and probably the most ornate skyscrapper in the city. As you near Manahattan the financial district looms up on the left bank and memories of the Twin Towers halt you in your tracks as you gaze in wonder at the space they have left.

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