„Campbell's Fake Spray Can White“

aus der Galerie von Peter Potamus
Über dieses Bild:

This is a new series of Campbell's Fake Spray Cans, inspired by Mr. Brainwash’s “Campbell’s Tomato Spray” and Rene Gagnon “Campbell’s Graffiti Soup”. It has new colors, some of them unpublished before, and high quality for printing a big size.

Massachusetts-based Rene Gagnon and Los-Angeles-based Frenchman, Thierry Guetta (aka "Mr. Brainwash") are both graffiti-style artists, whose works have frequently alluded to Andy Warhol’s work. Among their many Warhol-based concepts, they each have done many, many artworks using this Campbells-Soup/Spray-Paint-Can idea. Naturally there has been controversy about who’s ripping off whom. For the record, it appears that Rene Gagnon got there first in 2006.

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