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Geschichte speziell für das Bild geschrieben von Steffen Jonassen:

The moon colonization, the greatest endeavor in the history of earth.
It had taken a century just to get the domes perfected, great caverns being the first cities of the moon.

The Lunas were proud of their new home, a scientific heaven with enough exotic resources to fuel not only their own space programs but also that of the Earth for centuries to come!
They had fought hard to make it a reality, the domes now housing the greatest minds in the solar system along with their families.

The ruler of Luna was an AI, it's mind a mesh of all those alive and dead, the result of everyone being connected to it's interface. It was proud, it was intelligent and it saw the envy that spread below on the blue planet.

Scientific research had boomed on Luna, but Earth was forced to pay heavy taxes on all goods and manufacture was next to impossible on Earth, it's high gravity not able to produce the materials needed. As a result the people on Earth protested, wishing to force the Lunas to share their scientific research.    It was futile, of course, Luna now controlled the basic economy of Earth. It's massive research and manufacturing plants producing most of the modern technologies that made life easy and pleasant.    Envy turned to resentment, to anger and in the end threats of occupation and assimilation of the moon.    The Lunas ignored the petty threats, instead turning their research to a way to escape the clutches of the Earth.  As a war of words and economics was fought by politicians on both sides, the North American Coalition started developing "A way to stop the Lunas for good". Years dragged on, the rising disdain on Luna for Earth meaning they stopped their trade, and as a result massive riots broke out on Earth.    The economy had plummeted after the cold war with Luna had started and since the planetoid had a larger Navy than the Earth, it blocked all ships from the outer colonies reaching Earth. The riots got worse, the governments got desperate. They were about to launch their secret weapon when Luna started moving.... the massive planetoid suddenly inching away from the planet.    The military base and the surrounding area, an area the size of Ireland was vaporized.  Without the moon, the waters fell still, the night went pitch black and a piece of Terra was gone forever.

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