„Demon Buster!“

aus der Galerie von Enrico Guarnieri
Über dieses Bild:

Illustration Painted with Mypaint and Krita.

Aska: GEEZ this humidity is not good for my hair, at all!
Gyro: Pay attention, Aska! The demonic killer is near us!
Aska: Are you worry about me?
Gyro: TSK! Do you want to bring your lover back to life? Kill quickly all of 666 demonic killers and bathe my blade in their blood!
Do you understand? You must offer me 666 delicious meals!
Aska: So...
Gyro: So... If you can't stand the pace, I'll be hungry and I'll devour your flesh with your soul as dessert!
Aska: SSSH, the demonic killer is BEHIND us...
Gyro: Are you kidding me?  * SLASH *  

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