„Electromagnetic Waves“

aus der Galerie von Paulo Zerbato
Über dieses Bild:

Mind control, Silent communication, Carrier waves monaural, Very low frequency audio, Audio very high frequency, Spectrum, Ultrasound, Amplitude modulated, Intelligence desired, Propagating, Acoustic vibrationally, Induced brain, Transducers, Mechanical, Magnetic, Transmission brainwaves, Ability to control the mind, Induction of brain, Mind control, Mind programmed individually, Programmed minds mass, Exhaust system, Subliminal, Electromagnetic radio waves, Nobody can see, No hear, No smell, Victims controlled, Manipulated, Potential slave, Illusionist, Silent sounds transmissions, Microwave, Induce, Bombarded with transmissions, Mental stability, Level of conscious Human Being, Paulo Zerbato.

Bildnummer: 2a4a81d
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