„Germanic architecture“

aus der Galerie von james smit
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skeleton coast,
tourism namibia,
swakopmund activities,
swakopmund tourism,
Bavarian spires and elaborate Germanic architecture,
Hohenzollern Haus,
art and science of designing and erecting buildings ,
physical structures,
process and product of planning, designing and constructing form  structure and/or behavior of a building ,  cultural and political symbols ,   works of art,  surviving architectural achievements,  building design ,  architecture a craft,  Architectural styles,  traditional historic forms,  Namibia's main seaside holiday resort ,  historical buildings,  skeleton coast,  most photographed building in swakopmund,  wallpaper,  screensaver,  old house,  beautiful picture,  portrait photography,  composed image,  representational art,  portrait painting,  sketching material,  drawing and painting ,  country houses ,  manner of a picture,  fit to be made into a picture ,  visual art,  visual expression,  texture,

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