„Girl with Dreams“

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Sub Title: Catch them when you can
This is the final image in the series and the cover for my Redbubble calendar see here: All images in the series can be seen here.

Again, a romantic image at first glance, but like all others there's a little bit more behind it. When we begin our lives (hopefully) we're still full of dreams, looking forward to growing up and becoming an adult as a great adventure and often with much impatience. We hold the key to fulfill our dreams but life is not always gentle and there are many dark clouds at the horizon. This image includes elements from some of the other images and is the starting point for all of them, the same way as we hold the key elements for our life when we are young, it just depends on what we make of them.

On the edge by Sinned-angel-stock
Bows PNG by AWorldOfMagic by aworldofmagic
Blue by RhapsodyinAlto  Butterfly 2 by jxp3397  Backgrounds and Textures  Another Mixed Bag Texture Set by Shadowhouse  Painterly Effect 2 by Shadowhouse  6 Faves Texture Sets 2 by Shadowhouse  sunburn at the lake by CKdailyplanet  Sky/background - my own images  Brushes and Actions  Ropes -n- Chains Brushes by redheadstock  Cloud Brush - my own brush set  Birds Brush Set 3 by Shadowhouse  17 Grunge Border Bars Brush Set by Shadowhouse  Freebie Actions by Apples & Sisters  Perfect Portrait 3 Action by TheCoffeeshopBlog    All other images/textures/stock/brushes my own.  My Free Copyright  MCN: CDWLG-MLT9S-E9FTX

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Sehr schön !!! Ciao Falko
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Wonderful image!!
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Really stunning artwork, like all your others :-)
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sehr poetisch und magisch...
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