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40,5 x 29,5 cm
collage, pencil, crayon and acrylic paint on paper

‘Griffin’ belongs to the picture series ‘Panopticon’, currently comprising seven pictures. Griffin is like the whole 'Panopticon' cycle about the interesting effect that in a new context things often change their meanings and refer to each other in a new way. Inspired by a funny and rich illustrated article about a well done classical German brown-bag lunch I created Griffin out of photo fragments of old silver tableware. Therefore Griffins working title was 'silver bird' a long time. ‘Griffin’ belongs to the series.
All works of the 'Panopticon' project you can find in the collage & drawing section at

Bildnummer: b296a76
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Gelöschte Person 2012-09-05 02:22:02 UTC
Geniale Zeichnung!
Alfred Planz 2012-05-05 22:58:56 UTC
super bild.
Rike Beck 2012-05-06 16:55:22 UTC
(Künstler des Bildes)
Vielen Dank, Alfred,
viele Grüße, Rike
Dieter Greubel gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2012-04-15 18:52:13 UTC
daca gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2011-11-17 14:32:22 UTC
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Ryan Brosnan gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2011-10-26 20:22:39 UTC
Meline White 2011-08-07 10:14:01 UTC
einfach wow
Rike Beck 2012-02-14 11:20:08 UTC
(Künstler des Bildes)
Danke, Meline :)
Gelöschte Person 2011-05-18 08:47:07 UTC
Wow, are you familiar with Dave Mc Kean ?
Rike Beck 2011-08-12 13:57:55 UTC
(Künstler des Bildes)
no I'm not. Actually I didn't know his work, but it' s amazing - thank you!
I also visited your page. Your art concept about the question of beeing home is just great! :)

greetings, Rike
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