„Hands Across the Divide, Derry“

aus der Galerie von George Row
Über dieses Bild:

This 360° panorama features Maurice Harron’s sculpture “Hands Across The Divide” which stands in a garden on a roundabout at Carlisle Circus, in Derry, N.Ireland. It is also sometimes known as “Reconciliation”. It was erected in 1991 in the early days of the N.Ireland peace process. Images of it are now commonly used as a symbol of the City of Derry. (This particular photograph has been used in that way by Derry City Council and the urban regeneration company Ilex.)

Craigavon Bridge, linking the “Cityside” and the “Waterside” parts of town, can be seen through the gap between the statues. To the left of the smaller statue is John Street, and then Carlisle Road. To the right of the larger statue is the shame-filled gap where the historic Tilly and Henderson shirt factory was demolished and then Abercorn Road.

The panorama was created by combining 24 separate digital photographs covering every angle and with bracketed exposures. Hence the detail has been captured both in the brightest areas of the sky and in the shadows between the statues.

The source images were shot in groups of three (bracketed with +2 and -2 stops) as Canon Raw images. They were stitched and blended together using a free, open source, program called Hugin. Hugin in turn invokes a program called Enfuse to create the HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect.

The Source images were shot on a Canon EOS 5d DSLR with a 16 mmm fisheye lens.

It is presented here in a form suitable for printing through the use of what is known as a “stereographic projection” whereby a rectangular panoramic image can be rendered as if on a globe.    Because of the way that it was created this is a very high resolution image (the equivalent of about 80-megapixels). It’s capable of delivering very fine detail even when printed at massive sizes.

Bildnummer: b525faa
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