„Harar, Harerge Province, Ethiopia (Nigel Pavitt)“

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Ethiopia, Harerge Province, Harar. An Harari girl in wedding attire. Unlike Muslims elsewhere, Harari women love bright clothes and are seen in public without face veils. The beautifully embroidered silk dress can be turned inside out, where it is black, and worn at funerals. The girl wears a silver Koran holder round her neck. The finely woven basket on her head, known as agelgil, is used for carrying injera, the sour pancakes made from small-grained teff (Eragrostis abyssinica), which is a staple food of Ethiopians.The medieval walled city of Harar was once an independent city-state dating back to the early 16th Century, but it was incorporated into the Ethiopian Empire in 1887. It is considered sacred in the Muslim world. Its citizens have their own language, customs and crafts.

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