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There is no such thing as a winnable war.

A hero may be gifted with skills and talents and may be granted command over armies, but he is nothing more than a puppet of destiny. It takes more than skill to follow your cause and ultimately prevail in that to which you aspire. It takes daring and courage, wisdom and clarity of mind and above all, it takes the ability to make difficult decisions and the strength to get back up and keep fighting even when the repercussions of those decisions set in, when the fates themselves seem to conspire to cripple your body and destroy your mind.

And even so, it is what a hero can achieve, and not who he is, that is of the ultimate importance. Personal wishes and dreams are disregarded and it is often the hero who is forced to make the greatest sacrifice - giving up his freedom to change the world for the better, for the sake of people other than himself, no matter the odds. And in the end, many of the few heroes who fulfill their destiny, survive and thus manage to outlive their usefulness, many of them are forgotten, too broken to be of further use.

In the beginning, in the end and in the aftermath, a hero is always alone.

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