„In search of Monet“

Über dieses Bild:

Impressionist-style fine art photograph of the reflections on a lake filled with waterlilies on a bright Summer's Day.

Bildnummer: 6b49558
Rudolf Büttner gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2013-07-09 10:13:41 UTC
Ron Cline gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2012-09-03 05:20:43 UTC
Kathleen Stephens gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2012-08-27 22:26:55 UTC
Barbara St. Jean 2012-08-27 18:43:34 UTC
Great work, very nice gallery, great titles. I have added you to my watch list and look forward to seeing more of your work.
Barbara St. Jean gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2012-08-27 18:42:17 UTC
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