„Internal Reflections XIII“

aus der Galerie von Eva Kalpadaki
Über dieses Bild:

Part of the series 'INTERNAL REFLECTIONS'.
Internal Reflections is a journey of expression and experimentation. I am interested in using the flowers as plastic forms, the aesthetic qualities of which help me to create new, different images. By applying simple close-up photographic techniques with the use of colour light sources and occasional double exposure, I paint photographically and I create what I call “the labyrinth of my mind and soul”. This is a space where light, colours and forms alternate, run through one another and they participate in a game, which oscillates between reality and dream. Fragile, soft creatures of nature are transformed into fragile, secret desires and daedalean states of the unconscious. The ego rejects reality, it stops operating in it. It expresses itself through it in a dreamlike, transparent, not existing world. This is a labyrinth world, an abyss, at the end of which the light of life glows slowly. Mirror flowers in the labyrinth corridors reflect every step, every breath in them. In a slow drift, their rays come timidly into view and they meet the light of desire, the rays of life.

Bildnummer: 3d006e1
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