„La ferrari concept redesigned“

aus der Galerie von Nikola Novak
Über dieses Bild:

I decided to learn more about studio lighting setup with cycles render.Yesterday I tried several times to get awesome renderings,it was no use even I laid down very late.Today I decided to continue with my experimenting,until I find realistic and awesome renderings.I tried to model accurately,but when I don't have proper image references it's mission imposible for me.I watched on youtube how real photographers setting up the lights,but without trials and errors there were no results.Model was created with blender3d 2.65,rendering with Cycles with nvidia gtx 560 graphic card,final render with compositing nodes.Final image compositing with gimp.I had to play with layer effects,brushes and find the solution for front head light group reflections and make some things to popup more.I hope you will like it.Enjoy my work.

Bildnummer: 67a7ffd
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