„Lady Ga Ga Portrait Study“

Bildnummer: db1c4ed
Über dieses Bild:

Not knowing much about the music scene, when I stumbled upon Lady Ga Ga, well the name alone sparks interest. And though I know her persona to be way over the top, I recently watched an interview with her and in real life she comes across as quite down to earth, demure even. I got the impression of her that she is quite serious, sensitive and perhaps a bit wounded. When I decided to do a portrait of her I was struck by one photo and decided this is about as close to an honest representation as we will ever get. She has these deep eyes, holding an old soul's wisdom. That is her own presentation of beauty.

About this piece:
Size: 12x9"
media: graphite tint pencil on 96 lb Bristol
Style: Portrait
Original status: available from Artist

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