„Luminous Pearl Cockatiel“

aus der Galerie von Alma Lee
Über dieses Bild:

Feathers like south sea pearls, and a flaming headdress
this Cockatiel is stylin
This is a digitally reillustrated, Botanical Bird picture by Edward Lear, now is the public domain. Lear’s botanical work is so stunning in and of itself it is difficult to do it justice. Something I could tackle only in my bravest moments and that with all humility. Not wanting to cpoy his work I treated it as the launching board for some of my intergrated fractual work, and textured digital illustration work.
Luminous Pearl Cockatiel was created untilzing: CS6, PS brushes, onOne picture perfect software and ArtMatic (fractal generation)
About this art:

Bildnummer: ba00bb6
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